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We, Marlou and Godfried , are a Dutch couple, traveling the world with our backpacks, 60% filled with video gear. We started a world adventure together, focusing mainly on online video.

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Before we started Travel Affect, our travels brought us to places all over the world. Old KGB prisons in the Baltic States, hitchhiking adventures in Congo, a screaming glacier in North-Pakistan, endless bus rides in Vietnam just as the desert of Texas, the Eifel hills in Germany or the friendly people in India… And so on. After all our adventures, we decided to share our adventures in video.

Marlou is a online marketer, and looks after the planning and presence of our brand online and social media. She shoots video and the majority of our photos. Godfried is chief-IT and Video Gear. He has a background in video, since he started his first digital video company at the age of 17. Later he sold several IT startups, so knows his way around in tech. The research, story telling, filming and editing is of course a 100% joined venture.

Travel Affect is part of Yocter, with an office in The Netherlands. However, since we’re traveling the world, don’t try the office, but use our Contact Page to contact us.

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Marlou & Godfried
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Founders Travel Affect
Travel Affect
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