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Thank you for your interest in Travel Affect. You can reach us by sending us an email at hello {@} travelaffect . com or by using the contact form on this page. Please, describe your request as detailed as possible so we can reply quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you promote my product/company for free?

Sorry, that’s not what this site is for.

I have no budget, but do have a very interesting museum, cultural event, insane miracle… you should see!

If so, that sounds like a travel tip! If you want us to come to document in video, are you sure there is no budget to cover our expenses? If so, do let us know using the Advertisers Contact Form. If not, and you are absolutely convinced this is an opportunity we can’t resist… Try us with the Regular Contact Form on this page.

Can I use your photos and videos on my site?

We highly encourage you to embed our YouTube videos on your site, share our Facebook posts with your friends using the “Share” buttons in Facebook and link to our website whenever you can. However, do not copy our texts, download our photos or rip our videos. We are all better of sharing.
Do let us know when you write about us or embed a video we made. We love to hear that! Preferebly, in the comments below the YouTube video but if that’s not possible, do let us know about such a nice surprise by using the Contact Form on this page.

Can I guest post for your site?

Our first response is always… no. We want to keep our site, style and posts in a uniform way. If you are really convinced your writing skills and traveling are a perfect match, and you also don’t mind that in every post we will strip away the outbound links… Contact us using the Contact Form on this page.

Can I travel with you?

Probably not, but we do love to meet new people. Follow us on our social media channels and drop us a note there whenever you feel like we’re coming close to you!

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