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Production Costs + Targeted Reach Budget = Total Costs

Travel Affect is a niche video channel and website and perfect place for influencer marketing. The best part… you only pay for Targeted Reach. People with your desired age, gender, location, interests… That’s Advertising at Travel Affect.

The three Steps of Travel Affect Advertising

Native video advertising1) Production

We bring your destination, product or service in our videos. Either, as an item in a video we make, a dedicated video or a series of dedicated videos. These videos are high quality and shot with 360 cameras, drones, DSLR, GoPro.. Whatever suits best. Video is an expensive content form? Not with our remarkable low prices. Don’t want to be featured on Travel Affect? Don’t want a video but something else? Sure, see some ideas and contact us for more.


2) Set a budget and specify your Targeted Reach

After we uploaded the video to our YouTube Channel and/or Facebook Page, it’s time to target your desired audience. Who do you want to reach? Women age 30-40? Men interested in badminton living in the United Kingdom? You name it. You give us the budget and let us know who you want to target, and we setup an official YouTube or Facebook promotion to boost the video to your target group.

3) Evaluation Report

A campaign for a specific video, can last 30 days or less. After 30 days, we hand you over the data from our YouTube/Facebook account and give you the results of the website page which we gather from Google Analytics.

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Influencer Marketing is not just about finding the right Influencer… It’s about the Influencer and targeted audience.

Travel Affect, is part of Yocter, with over 10 years of experience in online presence, social media, targeted advertising and data profiling. We can get your products to the right audience while we, however, also value the privacy of our audience. We focus on making the targeted audience as small as needed, to get the highest possible engagement and conversion. This way, we make sure our audience stays happily engaged and we introduce them to products, services and destinations they are interested.

Influencer marketing
Travel Affect is part of Yocter. Over 10 years of experience in Influencer Marketing and social media advertising.

Audience & Advertising Policy

Our videos, photos and stories reach an audience interested in obviously travel, in combination with culture and history. Our audience is 35-70 years old, highly-educated, upper-middle class and adventurous. Our engaged audience trusts our opinion and acts on our recommendations in articles featuring brands and destinations. This is a key benefit for our advertisers.

influencer marketing advertising videoNote: Our opinion is not for sale

To make sure our audience AND our advertisers get the most out of our stories, we keep a clear statement that: we love to feature your products, destinations and services but our opinion is not for sale. We will never state to love or like a product, destination or service if we donโ€™t. However, if we do, we obviously let our audience know. The strong relationship we have with our audience makes it important to make clear agreements about what you, as an advertiser, wants us to inform our audience with and what we can offer.

Careful selection of advertisers

Unfortunately, we cannot welcome every client that approaches us to advertise on Travel Affect. Travel Affect is a targeted niche video channel and website which makes it a perfect place for influencer marketing, but only when there is a good fit. So, what is a good fit? Just contact us to see what we can do. We value our audience and would like to make sure that they value and trust us too. In order to achieve and keep it this way, we need to be strict and carefully select the advertisers we work with. However… We also make the coolest productions for your brand, even if we can’t feature you on Travel Affect. Check out some ideas on our Price List and contact us for more.

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Targeted niche video channel and website which makes it a perfect place for influencer marketing. Our audience tunes in for its unique combination of first-person storytelling and research driven video documentaries.
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