When we think of Paris, the first that pops in our mind is to visit the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. And sure, these are hard to miss Hotspots in Paris. But there is so much more. As seen in this lovely video. The streets of Paris, the city of love, captured in a three minute movie. This is how Paris feels.

Streets of Paris

Photographer Sebastian Erras dives into the chocolatiers, bakers, barbers, boutiques and shows a the real beauty of Paris. And even though there’s no Eiffel Tower or other big hotspot shown in his movie, you feel the love of this beautiful city, every second.

Sebastian Erras is known for his images of colourful patterned floors in European cities. This movie (by Pablo Apiolazza) was made in collaboration with Pixartprinting and Sebastian Erras. They produced the series ‘paris re-tale’, a project which tells the story of Paris through its storefronts.