Photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami is the Banff Mountain Film Festival 2009 Winner for Best Film on Mountain Culture with his beautiful “The Reindeer People”. Although this film is some time ago, it is a wonderful story about the Reindeer Riders… People riding reindeers.

Hamid filmed the Dukha; an ancient group of people of Turk descent. Their close relationship with reindeers goes much deeper than riding them like horses. In fact, the Dhuka are dependent on reindeer for their way of life. Like for hunting (Theyโ€™re ridden to hunt wild elk and boar) and of course, milk and cheese.

The Dukha tribe is quickly disappearing. Only about 44 Dukha families remain, or between 200 to 400 people. In the 1970s, itโ€™s estimated that there was a population of about 2,000 reindeer but that has now become as low as 600.

Dukha people… Mongoliaโ€™s last nomadic reindeer herders. The movie above is one of the many movies made about the Dukha / Reindeer Riders. Wonderful documentaries and movies are made.

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Dukha Reindeer Riders, Mongolia
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