The Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan. Was it a UFO? Was it a plane crash? If so, then where is the UFO or plane? A meteorite maybe, that left right after crashing into the earth?

The Darvaza Gas Crater, known locally as the Door to Hell, is a pretty weird phenomenon. When approaching it, from far you might think it was a tourist trap. Nothing to see. But when getting closer… there is no fence surrounding it so the enormous heat is a welcome warning to stay away!

Darvaza Gas Crater Turkmenistan

Darvaza Gas Crater

The Darvaza Gas Crater is a natural Gas field near Derweze, in Turkmenistan. What is actually funny… The fire, that obviously helped the Darvaza Gas Crater get even more popular, was not natural. Geologists set it on fire to prevent the spread of methane gas, and it has been burning continuously since then. So, Darvaza Gas Crater (diameter of the crater is 69 metres (226 ft), and its depth is 30 metres (98 ft)) is mainly just gas, set on fire 50 years ago.

Darvaza Gas Crater Turkmenistan

A waste

It does feel like a waste, though. The gas reserve found here is one of the largest in the world and it just vanishes as warm air. In fact, the site was identified by Soviet engineers in 1971. It was originally thought to be a substantial oil field site. The engineers set up a drilling rig and operations to assess the quantity of oil available at the site. Soon after the preliminary survey found a natural gas pocket, the ground beneath the drilling rig and camp collapsed into a wide crater and was buried.

A true experience, that’s for sure. Check out more pictures from Elliot about Darvaza Gas Crater in Turmenistan, on his website: Earth Nutshell

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Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan