For the last years we are pleasing ourselves with the most beautiful drone shots. And of course.. they made a contest for it! Who made the best drone shots this year? More then 5000 were submitted from everywhere in the world. By professional photographers as by amateurs. And yes, they are amazing to watch.

Do you have a beautiful droneshot that is worth sharing? Please let us know!

Best drone shots – category places

‘Above the mist’ by Ricardo Matiello – 1st prize winner

‘Mont-Saint-Michel’ by Wanaiifilms – 2nd prize winner

‘Tulip fileds’ by [email protected] – 3rd prize winner

Best drone shots – category nature

‘Snorkeling with sharks’ by Tahitiflyshoot – 1st prize winner

‘La Jolla’ by Kdilliard – 2nd prize winner

‘Lost island, Tahaa, French Polynesia’ by Marama Photo Video – 3rd prize winner

This contest has been conducted by Dronestagram and National Geographic.